Curbside Collection

The City provides residential curbside collection for single-family homes, bare land stratas, mobile homes and other eligible dwellings within the City Limits.

  • Food waste: Collected weekly
  • Garbage and recycling: Collected bi-weekly on alternating weeks
  • Yard waste: Collected once in May and once in November

View the 2024 Program Guide (PDF) and Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) for program details.

Paper copies of the program guide are now available for pick-up at City Hall.

Important Notice:

Per City Bylaw 4281, your bins and bags are to be put out at the curb on the morning of collection day by 7 am, NOT the night before. When not out for collection, bins and bags should be kept in a secure location, inaccessible by wildlife. This is essential to minimize attracting wildlife into residential areas, keep residents safe and protect wildlife from harm. Your co-operation with this is greatly appreciated.

Recycle Coach:

The City uses the Recycle Coach app to provide residents with their collection schedule, collection reminders, important notifications and a detailed what-goes-where search tool. You can also report a missed collection or other issues.

Use the web app below or download it onto your mobile device from the Apple or Google app store (search for Recycle Coach by Municipal Media Inc.). View these instructions for using the web or mobile app.

Additional Information:

  • Missed collections:  Contact SCV Waste Solutions by phone or email at 250.832.9292 / or use the “Report a Problem” button in the Recycle Coach app. If you have the Recycle Coach mobile app, click the Help icon.
    • NOTE: Garbage, recycling, food waste and yard waste can be taken to the Salmon Arm Landfill at any time during normal operating hours. Recycling and yard waste are free-of-charge. At this time, food waste will be treated as garbage (refuse) and disposal fees will apply. There is a Recycle BC Depot at the entrance to the landfill. Visit the CSRD website for more information including landfill hours, disposal fees and contact information. The City of Salmon Arm does not operate the landfill or Recycle BC Depots.
  • Bag tags:  For extra garbage or food waste, bag tags are available to purchase at City Hall, the SASCU Recreation Centre or can be ordered online.
  • Properties with suites:  View this information regarding curbside collection for your contained or detached suite.
  • Additional food waste collection:  If you require additional food waste (green bin) collection, view and complete this opt-in form. This is suitable for properties with suites or where you regularly generate more than 10 kg (22 lbs) of food waste weekly. If you just need a green bin replacement, contact the City. Don't fill out this form.
  • Curbside Recycling Accepted/Not Accepted Items:  Glass bottles and jars, Styrofoam and flexible plastic are NOT ACCEPTED in curbside recycling. Please take them to a Recycle BC Depot. This graphic provides more details and can be printed for reference. Or pick-up a free sticker for your bin at City Hall.
    • NOTE: As of January 1, 2023 Recycle BC is accepting some additional items in curbside recycling or at a Recycle BC Depot. View these guidelines for details as to what these items are and where they are accepted. IMPORTANT: Some of these additions are ONLY ACCEPTED AT DEPOTS (highlighted yellow) because they are foam or flexible plastics. Please continue to put any food-soiled paper or cardboard in your food waste bin, not in recycling. Contact the City if you require further assistance or information.
  • Recycling when outdoors:  View these tips for recycling when you are at a City park, beach, on the lake, camping or out and about around town.
  • Curbside Collection Statistics:  View the most recent curbside collection statistics and waste diversion information.

Curbside Collection Bylaws:

Bylaw 4281 - Curbside Collection of Refuse, Recycling, Food Waste and Yard Waste
Bylaw 4281 Schedule A – List of Accepted Materials
Bylaw 4281 Schedule B – List of Prohibited Materials
Bylaw 2760 - Ticket Information Utilization (refer to Schedule 19 for fines associated with curbside collection infractions)

Contact the City at 250.803.4000 or email for further assistance.