Fire Services

Services Provided by the Fire Department

The City of Salmon Arm Fire Department provides the following services:

  • Fire inspections
  • Fire prevention
  • Post-fire investigations / fire cause determination
  • Pre-incident planning

Incident Response

The City of Salmon Arm Fire Department will respond to the following types of incidents within its boundaries unless otherwise authorized by the fire chief or his/his designate:

  • Carbon monoxide alarms
  • Contracted fire protection areas
  • Fire alarms / alarm bells ringing
  • Fires or threats of fire
  • Forest / wildland fires
  • Fuel spills
  • Hydro lines down or arcing
  • Motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) involving fire, the potential for fire or where people are trapped
  • Mutual aid calls
  • Natural gas smells or leaks
  • Propane smells or leaks
  • Watercraft fires, where accessible by land or secure structure (wharf / dock)

Additional Services

In addition, the Salmon Arm Fire Department and the Fire Departments Rescue Team will respond to these additional incidents:

  • Ambulance lift assists
  • Confined space rescues
  • Low angle rescues
  • Elevator rescues
  • Hazardous material incidents including spills, leaks and alarms
  • Ice rescues involving humans and dogs only
  • Trench rescues

Services Not Provided

The City of Salmon Arm Fire Department does not currently provide the following: