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Dec 06


Posted on December 6, 2012 at 10:56 AM by Nancy Cooper

November 26, 2012 Council Meeting
Agenda Items
Daybreak Rotary
Thank you to Daybreak Rotary for committing to raise $100,000 towards a spray park as part of the redevelopment of Blackburn Park. Council appreciates the Salmon Arm Rotary clubs and their commitment to making Salmon Arm a better place for all of us.

Telus presented a cheque for $74,600 towards the Life Trail system to be built at Blackburn Park. A year ago Telus committed $100 from each new cell phone activation in the year to a maximum of $75,000. If you activated a new cell phone with Telus in the past year you were one of the contributors and we thank you and again thank you Telus. 

DSC_0322 - Copy.JPG

Council Approvals
Council received two letters from SAS students. One letter was asking council to approve connecting the SAS Jackson Campus with the SAS Sullivan Campus by painting footsteps on the sidewalk from one to the other. Council was happy to support this proposal with plans being made in conjunction with City staff. The second letter asked council to approve painting a mural on the walkway under the highway near the Jackson Campus.  Again Council was happy to support this youth initiated project and again youth will be planning this project with the assistance of City staff.

Animal Control Contract
The animal control contract was awarded to the current contractor, K-9 Control, for a further three years starting January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015.

Shuswap Regional Airport (Salmon Arm) Commission
Council appointed newly elected Paul Demenok, -  Area C Director as a CSRD representative to sit on the Shuswap Regional Airport Commission.  

Planning and Development
A motion was made to council
THAT: Council approve the encroachment of the upper floor of the building on the subject parcel into the Alexander Street and Hudson Avenue road rights of way, as shown on the building location certificate date stamped 'received' October 29, 2012, subject to an updated encroachment agreement, at the owner's cost, between the City of Salmon Arm and the owner to permit the building encroachments.

It was explained to council that the upper floor of the building upon renovations encroached 2 inches into the road right of way. Council decided to defeat this motion as they felt no action was required on this item.

Another very complex motion was made to council regarding Application No. VP-368:Development Variance Permit Application No. VP-368 (Servicing, Frontage Improvements and Panhandle Widths)  Lot 1, Section 25, Township 20, Range 10, W6M, KDYD, Plan KAP84529 2100 - 45 Avenue NE.

Please see council agenda for the exact wording.

Council approved all the variances, with the exception of the variance for storm water. Please see Public Hearing minutes.