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Jul 11

Address to 2014 Salmon Arm Secondary

Posted on July 11, 2014 at 2:01 PM by Nancy Cooper

Address to 2014 Salmon Arm Secondary
Graduating Class of 2014

Good evening Graduates, proud parents, family members and friends.

I bring greetings and congratulations from the City of Salmon Arm.

Wow look at you! You’re all grown-up and ready to take off on your next adventure. The adventure, that is the start of the next phase of your life.
Before you go I want to say that I have seen you helping in the community.

I saw you paint the underpass and the concrete wall beside the SAS Jackson Campus.

I saw you walking and running all night at the Relay for Life to raise money to help eradicate cancer & volunteering at numerous events.

I saw you holding a scavenger hunt during the Salty Dog races.

And just last week I saw you working on the Ross Street Plaza mosaic.

I saw you helping others on many occasions....Like the two young men I saw helping a lady make her way home after her scooter had broken down.

I have read about your achievements in school, sports, music, art and so much more. So I can say without reservation “we are proud of you”!

Where will you go after tonight?  Will you stay here in Salmon Arm or go elsewhere?  Will you; find a job, head off to college or university, pursue a career in trades or technology, or travel the world?

Your options are countless and I am sure you will make the choice that is best for you.

Now, before you take off to the great unknown following your dreams stop and take a look around you.

This is Salmon Arm; this is your home, the place where you grew up.

There is more here than you will find anywhere else in the world. I know because I have travelled to countries both rich and poor and I am always excited and thankful to be back in Salmon Arm.

While you may not realize it tonight, Salmon Arm is in your heart and your soul. You are anxious to get stated ……… go if you must.

But I know for certain the day will come when you will be ready to come back.

You will realize what you knew all along, Salmon Arm is home and it is the best place to live, work, play and raise your family.

I actually heard a term for this from a former SAS Grad. She called it the boomerang effect.  She said “SAS Grads may go all over the world but eventually Salmon Arm brings you back.”

So one day you will want to come back. You will miss the people here, the lake, the mountains, the greenness, yup, even the snow....and especially the life style you have not been able to find anywhere else. When that happens just make your way back. We will be waiting, welcoming, and happy to see you. And you will take your place here as a leader in the community. Your community.

Congratulations Everyone,  
Have a great evening and BE SAFE.