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Nov 25

IHA Healthy Communities & City of Salmon Arm Budget 2014 Highlights.

Posted on November 25, 2013 at 8:50 AM by Nancy Cooper

IHA Healthy Communities
The City of Salmon Arm and Interior Health have started a Healthy Communities Committee. This committee consists of members from several interested partners and chaired by Dr. Brian Ayott.

We will be looking into ways to engage and encourage a healthier community.  Check the BC Healthy Communities blog.

City of Salmon Arm Budget 2014 Highlights.
Staff came with to us with a suggested 2.33% tax increase and council was able to reduce that figure to a 1.38% tax increase.

  • To achieve this we used Community Works funds (Gas Tax funds) to fund $107,250 of the Syme Bridge replacement cost. We cut some items and funded others half this year and half next year.
  • Council decided to use $20,000 of reserves to prepare a Canoe Beach Master Plan. We also added $20,000 (of the estimated $80,000 required) for the Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment.
  • Council approved the City’s portion of pedestrian countdown timers for all downtown TCH crosswalks with ICBC and MOTI committing to fund the rest of the cost.
  • Council is looking at approving borrowing 1.8 million to replace the foreshore sewer main that runs from downtown to Raven subdivision. This really needs to be done. As noted during the flood event of 2012 the sewer line installed in the 1970s is not in good repair and is underwater part of the year. Although engineering plans are not complete, the plan is to replace the old line and run it under the foreshore trail as much as possible.
  • Council is looking at approving borrowing the funds needed to complete Blackburn Park improvements which include a new soccer field and life trail system. Council will also look to approve borrowing the needed funds to complete the development of the new cemetery as it will be needed for use in 3 years. 
  • Another significant item is the identification of a downtown parking structure at the 4th  & 6th Street NE location and an increase to the Downtown Parking reserve funds transfer from $25,000 to $50,000.
  • Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that council approved the purchase of a new fire truck to replace a 1989 Pumper truck.

I want to thank our CFO Monica Dalziel and all City staff for all their hard work on the 2014 budget and I also want to thank Council for their work on it. The budget meeting went very well and we finished earlier than expected.