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Oct 26


Posted on October 26, 2012 at 8:46 AM by Nancy Cooper

October 22, 2012 -  Council Meeting
Agenda Items
Glenn Thiem, Forsite Consultants Ltd reported on the completion of Phase 1 of the Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) / Wetland Inventory Mapping (WIM) Project. Council was impressed by the amount and quality of work completed Glenn and his team. Council is looking forward to working on the next phase of these two projects.

Fire Chief Brad Shirley gave his report on annual fire callout statics. Brad also talked about the 70 paid on call volunteer fire fighters that serve our community and mentioned the need for more volunteers. Apparently Gleneden and North Canoe could both use more help. I would encourage anyone interested to contact Brad at the Fire Hall.

Lakeside Insurance purchased $500 worth of smoke alarms for the Fire Chief to give out. Thank you Lakeside Insurance.

Thank you to all our Salmon Arm volunteer fire fighters for your willingness to serve and dedication to our community.  You go above and beyond.

On a slightly different note, I received a Priority Post package from Vancouver which turned out to be a copy of the Greater Vancouver Firefighters 2013 Hall of Flame calendar.  So my question is; when is the Salmon Arm one coming out......just asking.

Council Approvals
Cross Connection Control Bylaw received First, Second and Third readings.
New Building Bylaw received First, Second and Third readings. The Building department has revamped, reorganized, and added new building permit requirements for renovations. If you are considering renovations, check with the City building department for information on the new requirements before starting your project.

Special Needs Housing Agreement Bylaw No. 3946 received First and Second readings. A special needs housing agreement allows a second residence in the form of a mobile or modular home to be placed on large properties if the owner needs family support due to health issues.

Council turned down a request to endorse the subdivision of a property located within the Agriculture Land Reserve.

A TCH Corridor Traffic Study will be undertaken by ICBC with results of the study to be presented to council in December or January. Since the Council meeting on Monday I received the letter, shown below, from Minister of Justice and Attorney General Shirley Bond.


Council was informed by staff that beavers are chewing and therefore falling trees along the foreshore trail leaving dangerous snags. Council was asked to decide if the beavers should be trapped or removed. After lengthy discussion, Council decided to seek the opinion of caretakers of that area, the Salmon Arm Bay Nature Enhancement Society (SABNES).

Letters to Mayor
In my previous blog posting I mentioned the letter from a young lady asking about recycling bins for downtown. This letter was discussed at Council and will be passed on to Downtown Salmon Arm merchants for discussion. The writer will also be receiving a letter from the City in the next week.