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Aug 14

Downtown Parking

Posted on August 14, 2013 at 10:56 AM by Nancy Cooper

July 22, 2013 Council Meeting

At this meeting, acting on recommendations of the Downtown Parking Commission and the DIA, Council passed a motion in favour of temporary (6 month trial) 2 hour parking on two blocks of Hudson Street. This is moving forward in the name of due process. 

2 hour parking.jpg

At the regular Council meeting of August 12 Council received two petitions. One petition, signed by the majority of affected merchants stating they are not in favour of 2 hour parking in front of their business and the second petition in favour, signed other downtown merchants. The second petition also included signatures from customers in favour of the extra hour of parking time.
Council has the upmost respect for all the businesses, the Downtown Association, and the Downtown Parking Commission and I personally do not try to second guess a recommendation from these organizations, especially when the meeting minutes say “carried unanimously”. It is my understanding that these groups work for the betterment of the interests of all downtown businesses and my position thus far has been in that spirit. To that end, Council sent both petitions to the Downtown Parking Commission for their review and consideration.