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Jul 30

Cellular Towers

Posted on July 30, 2013 at 12:09 PM by Nancy Cooper

Council Meeting July 22, 2013

Standard Lands representative, Chad Marlatt gave a presentation to council on the sighting of two new Telus cellular towers. Their original suggested location for the cell towers was Lyman Hill. However, due to concerns raised by Lyman Hill residents the location was changed to a site on industrial lands along the CP Rail line in Canoe. Mr. Marlatt spoke about the high demand for cellular and wireless access and therefore the need for improved service. Mr. Marlatt also noted that more than 50% of 911 emergency calls are now made using a cell phone and further that many customers prefer cell phones and no longer have telephone land lines.

After discussion, Council expressed no concerns with the proposed location and passed a motion to support placement of the two new Telus cell phone towers to be located on industrial lands in Canoe.

During the open question portion of the council agenda many individuals asked expressed health concerns regarding cell phone towers and asked questions regarding why council would pass the motion. I listened carefully to each presentation and have the upmost respect for each presenter. My answer to their concerns was that the cellular towers fall within Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 and they adhere to Canada’s Industry Standards so therefore Council feels comfortable approving them.