The Land Title Act requires that all subdivisions be approSubdivisionved by the City's Approving Officer. Approval for subdivision ensures that provincial legislation and the City's bylaws are met.

The following are some examples of subdivision, which require approval from the City:

  • Adjusting or realigning an existing property line
  • Creating two or more properties from one or more existing properties
  • Creating bare land strata lots from one or more existing properties

Applications and Guides


  • The Zoning Bylaw (PDF) regulates the development and use of land, including establishing minimum areas and widths for new parcels, as well as the location and use of buildings and other structures.
  • The Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw (PDF) regulates the subdivision and development of land and establishes servicing standards.
  • The Development Cost Charge Bylaw (PDF) imposes charges to the developer as a condition of approval for subdivision or a building permit. The charges are collected and used towards the capital costs of municipal infrastructure projects identified in the bylaw.