Department of Engineering

Engineering oversees road and utility construction and design, transportation planning (including traffic, pedestrian and cycling planning, parking and road construction), utility planning, and environmental programs.

The department plays an integral role in the long-term planning of infrastructure design and costing, as well as managing the city's infrastructure with a view to promoting sustainability. The overall role of the department is to provide proactive planning, expansion, renewal and maintenance advice.

The Engineering Department is instrumental in the preparation of the technical documents which accompany regulatory bylaws such as water, sewer, subdivision and development servicing, highway and traffic control, etc.. This department also oversees the city's tendered public works services such as residential solid waste and recycling collection and airport operations. The department provides technical advice to various groups including private business and the general public.

The Engineering Department works closely with other city departments, various levels of government, and a variety of outside agencies to ensure the needs of our ever-growing community are met.