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City of Salmon Arm
Box 40
500 2 Ave. NE
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N2
Ph: 250.803.4000
Fx: 250.803.4041
Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm
Tips and Tricks
The Food Waste Collection Trial is a learning process for all of us. Here are a few tips and tricks we have collected from other municipalities. Share your tips and tricks with us by emailing or phoning 250.803.4043.

Download the sorting wheel and list to help you sort your garbage, recycling, and food waste.

Kitchen Catcher
Prevent Odour and Leakage
  • Rinse your Kitchen Catcher and let it dry each time you empty it.
  • Empty your Kitchen Catcher into your Food Waste Cart often. If you are trialing the Kitchen Catcher liners from your kit, it is important to note that they will break down quickly once used.
  • Close your Kitchen Catcher completely when you are not using it. The handle is designed to lock the lid in place for you.
  • Drain liquid from your food waste into the sink before adding it to your Kitchen Catcher.
  • Wrap your food waste in paper towel or newspaper before placing it in your Kitchen Catcher.
  • Absorb excess moisture by placing paper towel or newspaper at the bottom of your Kitchen Catcher.
  • Freeze meat and fish scraps until your collection day.

Kitchen Catcher Liners
Liners are not required for your Kitchen Catcher (only for your Food Waste Cart). If you have run out, or if you would like to try something different, here are a few alternatives:

Paper Bags
Use any kraft paper bag to line your kitchen catcher. These can include paper lunch bags, paper grocery bags, paper take-out bags, paper prescription bags, etc.

You can line your kitchen catcher with newspaper.

If you are feeling crafty, try folding an origami liner like these ones shown on the Capital Regional District’s website.

Some retailers
compost.JPG in Salmon Arm carry both the compostable plastic liners and the compostable paper liners. Look for the certified Compostable logo on the compostable plastic bags.

You may also contact Spa Hills Farm directly to purchase more.

Food Waste Cart
Here are some great tips from the City of Vancouver for managing your cart:


  • Store your bin outside in a shady, flat, and ventilated location.
  • Keep the lid closed.
  • Place the bin away from fences and deck railings to avoid animals getting inside or knocking it over. Otherwise, secure the bin with a bungee cord.
  • If animals chew on the bin, rub peppermint oil, hot sauce, cayenne, or chili powder on the chewed spot.

  • Line your bin with newsprint, or cardboard before adding your food scraps to absorb liquid.
  • Set your bin out for collection every week, even if it isn't full.
  • Eliminate maggots with salt or vinegar.
  • Capture fruit flies in a bowl of vinegar covered with plastic wrap, pricked with a few holes.

Food Waste Cart Liners
You were supplied with liners for your food waste cart as a mandatory part of the trial. If you have run out of liners, please contact the City.