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City of Salmon Arm
Box 40
500 2 Ave. NE
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N2
Ph: 250.803.4000
Fx: 250.803.4041
Hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm
What is anti-icing?
Liquid anti-icers work like anti-freeze by lowering the freezing temperature of water and reducing the bonding of ice and compact snow to the street. They help keep streets from becoming slick, improve safety and help reduce accidents. The three common chemicals used for anti-icing are within salt brines made from sodium chloride, magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. The city is using magnesium chloride because it is readily available commercially in liquid form, which simplifies our operations by not requiring the Roads Division to own and operate a brine-making plant. It also has the least environmental impact of the three and a much lower freezing temperature than a common salt brine of sodium chloride.

Engineering - Anti-Icers

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1. What is anti-icing?
2. What is a magnesium chloride and tire / road friction coefficient?
3. Is liquid anti-icer safe?
4. What can I do if I drive on streets where anti-icing liquids are used?
5. Why not use sand instead of liquid anti-icers?
6. How are anti-icing liquids used?
7. What is the cost to the city?