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Posted on: March 2, 2017

Development Services Department Public Notification

Date: March 2, 2017
Subject: Tree Removal at 131 Harbourfront Drive NE
Owner: 566562 BC LTD

Development Permit DP-403 was approved in 2015 for a 12 unit development (3 four-plex buildings) at 131 Harbourfront Drive NE. Each building has a 347 square metre footprint, with a maximum height of 9 metres above grade (under the 10 metre maximum height permitted). The buildings are to be arranged along the north-west parcel boundary following a contour of the shoreline, with two ground-floor units and two upper-level units. The use of separate building massing allows passage and sightlines between the structures. The building design is a contemporary style with varied facades and linear rooflines.

Application Review
The application was reviewed by municipal Planning, Engineering, Public Works, and Building staff, the Design Review Panel, as well as the Fire Department and Economic Development Society. Provincial Agencies also reviewed the application, which included a report by a Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) as this site is subject to the Provincial Riparian Areas Regulations (RAR). The applicant actively worked with staff to address any concerns that arose through the application process. The application was ultimately approved by City Council.

Landscape Plan
As a component of the Development Permit, a landscape plan aligned with RAR requirements was approved, following review and approval by an additional professional biologist (QEP) for compliance with RAR. The plan prescribes multiple trees and shrubs (approximately 400 plantings) with riparian values.

Willow Trees
Public submissions have been received calling for the retention of the existing Black Willow trees. It is important to note that in addition to the RAR report, the applicant has submitted an Arborist’s report focused on the willow trees. Both of these professional reports recommend the removal of the willow trees due to the hazards they present. These reports place the Willows at the end of their life expectancy, noting that they were impacted by the City’s installation of the public walkway, and are non-native species. In June 2015, the City’s Arborist examined the existing trees noting their age as well as decay pockets, and concurred with the applicant’s Arborist report supporting the removal of the Willow trees.

From a risk management perspective, failure of the Willow trees could endanger public and private property, pedestrian traffic on the public walkway, slope stability and riparian habitat. A requirement imposed for the retention of trees deemed hazardous could increase the associated risk and liability to the City. Removal of the Willow trees would require appropriate approval including a supported plan specifying suitable replacement.

As per the environmental approval requirements, a QEP has been contracted by the owner to supervise and direct the development process. The owner’s QEP has detailed an approach to replacing the Willow trees with a combination of Larch, Pine and Maple trees in alignment with the RAR report. It would be the owner’s responsibility to consult with senior level environmental agencies to ensure any tree replacement is permitted under Provincial or Federal regulations.

Provincial Environmental Resources
Further details related to provincial RAR and Fisheries/Wildlife regulations can be found online.
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